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Diploma Supplement

University College Lillebaelt issues a Diploma Supplement in English automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation as a supplement to the diploma of a completed bachelor degree.

The Diploma Supplement contains a description of the degree, including content, extent, level and professional qualifications. In addition, the Diploma Supplement contains a description of University College Lillebaelt and the Danish educational system.

Here you can see an example of an issued Diploma Supplement:

Eksamensbevis – Diploma


For students, the Diploma Supplement offers:

  • A diploma that is more readable and easily comparable abroad
  • A precise description of their academic career and the competencies acquired during the study period
  • An objective description of their achievements and competencies
  • Easier access to opportunities of work or further studies abroad
  • It fosters their employability

European Diploma Supplement Label

In December 2012, UCL was granted the European Diploma Supplement Label, an EU-approved supplement for the students’ graduating diploma. This recognition makes it easier for UCL graduates to get a job abroad.

The Diploma Supplement Label indicates which competences students achieve during their studies using an international standard. Moreover, an objective explanation of their grades is included.

The Diploma Supplement describes in English the purpose, content, extent and level of the study program that the student has graduated from. Furthermore, it contains information about which types of jobs are compatible with such graduates, a description of University College Lillebaelt and a general description of the Danish education system.

All in all, students who obtain the Diploma Supplement Label will thereby have better access to studying and working abroad.

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