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Useful information regarding UCL and the Erasmus programme, including the institution’s Erasmus Information Sheet.

University Charter

The Erasmus Extended University Charter enables University College Lillebaelt to participate in international activities in Europe together with other Higher Educational Institutions. In 2014, University College Lillebaelt was awarded an Erasmus Extended University Charter by the European Commission.

Erasmus Extended University Charter

Every year, University College Lillebaelt receives funding from EU-programmes such as Erasmus Plus, where UCL cooperates very closely with international partners. UCL sends students and staff abroad, receive exchange students and guest staff and participate in projects, develop joint study offers and much more.

Erasmus Policy Statement

UCL’s application is supported by an international declaration of intent:

Erasmus Policy Statement

Amongst other things, this commits University College Lillebaelt not to charge fees for exchange students, to give full academic credits for courses of study followed by exchange students and to ensure quality control of all mobility activities.

The Erasmus Policy Statement also states University College Lillebaelt’s strategic priorities and goals with regards to Erasmus Plus, and describes how the institution plans to arrange international placements, secure quality and the support and services offered international students.

Erasmus ID code: DK Vejle 06
PIC-code: 949094949

Erasmus Information Sheet

The Erasmus Information Sheet of University College Lillebaelt contains useful information about UCL’s Erasmus code, international coordinators, how to apply, insurance for exchange students coming to Denmark and more.

The Erasmus Information Sheet


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