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University College Lillebaelt is determined to put itself on the world map as a strong and reliable education partner.

Through internationalisation of activities, University College Lillebaelt will contribute to increasing knowledge production and strengthen the international competences of both students and staff at University College Lillebaelt.

So regarding internationalisation UCL has set itself the following goals:

  • Continue to develop the international dimension in the study programmes
  • To enter into broader, strategic cooperative agreements with international partners
  • To develop the further international skills of all staff at University College Lillebaelt
  • To intensify student and staff exchanges to and from University College Lillebaelt

These goals will be achieved as a cooperative effort involving the International Office, management and the international coordinators attached to departments and courses of study.

Running Internationalisation

Work connected to international activities takes place both centrally and in individual departments and courses of study.

The Central Office

The central International Office supervises the day-to-day running of international operations. The office manages common international affairs, including formal agreements and cooperation with international partners within the areas of priority defined by the University College.

It administrates international projects and programmes, such as Erasmus, and is responsible for the international marketing of the University College.

In addition, the International Office is responsible for promoting internationalisation within the organisation and ensuring that University College Lillebaelt lives up to the requirements of the current political agenda in this area.

Local International Coordinators

International activities connected to specific professional degree courses or departments are the responsibility of international coordinators on the spot, who coordinate with local management responsible for the academic courses in question.

Activities primarily involve planning and arranging mobility, the development and implementation of new international approaches and activities at the local level, advice and guidance to students and lecturers and the servicing of international networks.

Do You Want More Information?

If you require more information about international opportunities and activities related to specific professional degree courses or departments, please contact the local international coordinator:

International Staff

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