UCL has 4 campuses in Funen and Jutland situated in Odense, Svendborg, Vejle and Jelling. Learn more about the campuses and their surroundings.

UCL's largest campus is in Odense, Denmark’s 3rd largest city with several educational institutions. The city has a wide range of offers to students in terms of leisure activities, entertainment and accommodation.

The campus in Vejle is UCL's formal headquarters. Vejle has a variety of cultural offers and excellent opportunities for active leisure pursuits in the picturesque surroundings or indoors in various sports clubs.

Svendborg is the home of 2 of UCL’s educational programmes. Students from the nursing and social education degree courses can meet and mingle with students from the International Maritime Academy.

Jelling has been educating teachers for almost 180 years, and the area around Jelling is generally steeped in history. With only 12 km to Vejle, you are never far away from shopping opportunities, cultural events and night life.