Jelling has been educating teachers for almost 180 years, and the area around Jelling is generally steeped in history. With only 12 km to Vejle, you are never far away from shopping opportunities, cultural events and night life.

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Facts and figures

Jelling is a Danish town with around 3,500 inhabitants, situated in Southern Jutland approximately 10 kilometres North-West of Vejle. The city is first and foremost famous for its ancient Danish monuments, the Jelling Stones.

The Jelling monuments also include the two giant barrows recognised by UNESCO as Viking treasures and symbols of the passage from the Norse to the Christian creed.

The Jelling Monuments

Social life

Jelling has many clubs and associations, which together cover a wide range of interests and activities.

‘Byens hus’ in Jelling is often the venue for all kinds of social events. And the town has its own micro-brewery, Jelling Brewery, where they serve excellent beer in a cheery setting.

Erasmus Student Network Odense

Although Erasmus Student Network Odense arranges most of its events in Odense, students from Jelling are very welcome. Odense is only a short train journey away.

Erasmus Student Network Odense arranges excursions, parties and cultural events that will bring you in touch with fellow students and give you an insight into life in Denmark.

ESN Odense

Sights and activities

Jelling is a town full of history, sports and entertainment, so there is a lot for you to explore. With its 30,000 or so visitors, the Jelling Music Festival, held in the last weekend in May, is the third largest music festival in Denmark and attracts leading pop and rock artists. You can also enjoy a golf day at the local par-3 and 18-hole courses, or visit the Jelling monuments.

Tourist attractions and activities

Jelling, which is part of the Vejle area, is rich in culture and history. At VisitVejle you can learn more about sights, shopping and events at Jelling as well.


Jelling on TripAdvisor

What do tourists and locals think about the many restaurants, bars and activities in Jelling?

Jelling on TripAdvisor

Where to live?

If you are enrolled at one of UCL’s campuses in Vejle or Jelling, the International Office will try to find you a room through private landlords. For example you could be offered a room belonging to a Danish student, who would like to sub rent her own room/accommodation to you during a study abroad period.

Another option is accommodation through Lillebaelt Hospital, who provides accommodation to short term medical staff. If they have rooms available, you will be offered one of their rooms. These rooms are furnished and provided with bed linen, towels, dishtowels etc. There are kitchen utensils in all rooms.

In case the International Office can’t find a room through its network of private landlords, UCL will let you know well before you travel to Denmark.

Getting around

Train and bus connections to Jelling are so good that commuting is no problem. The station and bus stop are located just behind the college and there are connections to and from Vejle, for example, several times an hour. The train ride to Vejle only takes 12 minutes.

UCL Campus Jelling

At Stationsvej 4 in Jelling UCL looks after the students, both in terms of academic challenges and helping them enjoy their spare time. There is a wide range of activities open to students.

Teaching areas at Jelling are fitted with modern technological equipment, and of course there is free WiFi throughout the campus.

The UCL Library in Jelling is a modern learning centre associated with the teacher and social education courses there. The library block is a tastefully modernised section of the oldest part of the building, covering an area of more than 600 square meters.


University College Lillebælt
Stationsvej 4
7300 Jelling

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