UCL’s largest campus is in Odense, Denmark’s 3rd largest city with several educational institutions. The city has a wide range of offers to students in terms of leisure activities, entertainment and accommodation.

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Facts and figures

Odense is one of Denmark’s oldest cities, and is mentioned for the first time in writing in 988. The name Odense dates from the Viking Era and signifies the place where the god, Odin, is supposed to have lived.

Hans Christian Andersen was born and raised in Odense, which at the time of his birth in 1805 was the second largest town in Denmark with approximately 6,000 inhabitants.

During the period of industrialisation in the mid 1800s, Odense broke out of its medieval boundaries and spread in all directions. Today, the city has about 200,000 inhabitants.

Social life

As a student in Odense, you will have great opportunities for an active and varied life, not least in your spare time. Here are two specific suggestions as to how to meet a lot of new friends during your stay in Odense.

Student House Odense

Café, bar, concerts and parties for all the city’s students. Your home from home while living in Odense. Run for students by students.

Studenterhus Odense

Erasmus Student Network Odense

Erasmus Student Network Odense arranges excursions, parties and cultural events that will bring you in touch with fellow students and give you an insight into life in Denmark.

ESN Odense

Sights and activities

Odense is full of history and culture. In addition to Hans Christian Andersen’s house and Brandts’ Art Gallery, Odense’s historical area and the cathedral have a lot to offer.

Odense hosts a large number of festivals throughout the year, including Tinderbox music festival, the big annual flower festival, the Hans Christian Andersen Festival and the Harbour Festival.

In Winter, Odense becomes even more lively, with its Christmas market in the old part of the city.

Tourist attractions and activities

Odense is a city rich in culture and history. At VisitODENSE you can learn more about sights, shopping and events.


Odense on TripAdvisor

Learn more about what tourists and locals think about the many restaurants, bars and activities in Odense.

Odense on TripAdvisor

Getting around

The people of Odense love their bikes, that’s obvious. In Odense, the easiest and cheapest way to get around is by bike, and the city has a network of cycle tracks that get you quickly and safely from A to B.

By bicycle

We encourage our international students jump on a bike and experience Danish biking culture. The international office can help you get hold of a good bike when you arrive in the city.

By bus

If you don’t like bikes, Odense also has excellent public transport. At Fynbus you can get timetables and find the route and the number of the bus you need.


Explore the country

If you want to explore the country, you can take a train or bus.

Train: DSB
Long-distance bus: FlixBus

Where to live?


You apply for student accommodation through the online MoveOn application system.

If you have applied for accommodation through MoveOn, you can expect that a furnished room will be assigned to you.

The room will be furnished with a bed, table, chair and lamp and information will be sent to you. And if you wish to share a room with another student UCL will do its best to help you find a roommate of the same gender.

UCL Campus Odense

At the end of 2016, UCL completed the process of gathering degree courses and other activities in Odense, at UCL Campus Odense. Now, more than 5,500 students and teaching staff are based at our campus on Niels Bohrs Allé, ensuring a vibrant study environment with lots of different activities.

The facilities at UCL Campus Odense provide the best conditions for studying in real-world surroundings and establishing professional and social relationships across the professions represented here.

The facilities include:

  • the best possible settings for studying or just chilling out;
  • a large canteen;
  • a complete hospital ward with beds and robot patients;
  • facilities for training and rehabilitation activities;
  • advanced radiography equipment and laboratories;
  • facilities for music, theatre and video production;
  • a large library;
  • kitchen gardens, outside cooking facilities and shelters;
  • student café and ‘Friday’ bar;
  • exercise room.

Naturally, free WiFi is available throughout the whole campus.


UCL Campus Odense
Niels Bohrs Allé 1
5230 Odense M


Welcome Guide - Odense and Svendborg

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