Svendborg is the home of 2 of UCL’s educational programmes. Students from the nursing and social education degree courses can meet and mingle with students from the International Maritime Academy.

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Facts and figures

The town of Svendborg is a port and maritime centre on Southern Funen, with 27,281 inhabitants.

Svendborg is an old town and has in modern times retained its older town centre, with narrow streets, squares and courtyards. It is Funen’s second largest city after Odense.

Ships and the sea play a fundamental part in the life of the town. Mærsk, Denmark’s largest concern and the largest shipping company in the world, has its roots in Svendborg.

Social life

As a student on one of UCL’s courses at Klostervænget in the beautiful seaside city of Svendborg, you will pursue your studies in a safe environment where the help is never far away.

Svendborg’s many small, cosy cafes – many with live music in the weekends – good places to eat, various pubs and large discotheques provide the setting for a vibrant and sometimes pretty lively night life. There’s always something going on somewhere.

For theatre lovers, there are no fewer than three theatres in Svendborg, and a four-screen cinema.

Erasmus Student Network Odense

Although Erasmus Student Network Odense arranges most of its events in Odense, students from Svendborg are very welcome. Odense is only a short train journey away.

Erasmus Student Network Odense arranges excursions, parties and cultural events that will bring you in touch with fellow students and give you an insight into life in Denmark.

ESN Odense

Sights and activities

In terms of scenery, South Funen is one of the most beautiful places in Denmark. The hilly terrain with varied, scenic coastlines, large forested areas, small friendly villages, marshes, meadows and hedgerows, provides a charming setting for a variety of outdoor activities.

Svendborg is the ideal place for hiking, biking, sailing and outdoor activities in general.

In Svendborg there is a swimming pool and a water park, as well as the large ‘Fun & Sports Centre’. There are squash courts and 10-pin bowling, and Svendborg is ideally situated for visits to a large number of museums and art galleries.

In addition, there is a whole archipelago of islands – big and small, and all worth a visit. We can mention: Langeland, Tåsinge, Thurø, Drejø, Skarø and Hjortø, all located in the immediate vicinity of Svendborg. Some of them can be reached via bridges and causeways, by foot, bicycle or car. Others can be reached via daily ferry connections from Svendborg.

Tourist attractions and activities

Svendborg is a city rich in culture and history. At VisitSvendborg you can learn more about sights, shopping and events.


Where to live?

You apply for student accommodation through the online MoveOn application system.

If you have applied for accommodation through MoveOn, you can expect that a furnished room located in Odense will be assigned to you.

The room will be furnished with a bed, table, chair and lamp and information will be sent to you. And if you wish to share a room with another student UCL will do its best to help you find a roommate of the same gender.

UCL Campus Svendborg

The UCL campus at Klostervænget 2-4 in Svendborg offers Social Education and Nursing students a small but intimate study environment. This is very attractive to students who appreciate close contact with teachers and fellow students. Students live and work in a safe environment where people take care of each other.

The college at Baagøvej is located right next to the hospital in Svendborg, and counts good facilities and a lovely patio for summer use. Baagøvej is designed to accommodate students’ needs regarding both theoretical and practical teaching. Teaching areas are fitted with modern technological equipment, and of course there is free WiFi throughout the campus.

In addition, for nursing students, UCL Campus Odense has an extensive library and a complete mini hospital ward for training purposes.

Students at Klostervænget are involved in many cultural, musical and physical activities, including running, communal meals and parties.


University College Lillebælt
Klostervænget 2-4
5700 Svendborg


Welcome Guide - Odense and Svendborg

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