The campus in Vejle is UCL’s formal headquarters. Vejle has a variety of cultural offers and excellent opportunities for active leisure pursuits in the picturesque surroundings or indoors in various sports clubs.

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Facts and figures

Vejle is an ancient town whose origins go far back in the Middle Ages; it is mentioned for the first time in the mid 13th century. Geographically, Vejle is located in the so-called ‘Triangle Area’ of Southeastern Jutland.

With a population of more than 55,000, Vejle is the 9th largest town in Denmark.

Vejle is best known for its natural surroundings with long valleys, steep hills and Vejle Fjord.

Social life

At the many cultural events on offer in the town you can meet other young people who are studying, or just enjoy the activities.

There is a lively music scene in cosy cafes and venues, at the Musikteater, Torvehallerne, or at Jive, the unofficial Danish champion at getting world-famous performers to the town. Musikteater also offers cultural events such as plays, opera and ballet. Museums and art galleries highlight art in the life of the town.

Erasmus Student Network Odense

Although Erasmus Student Network Odense arranges most of its events in Odense, students from Vejle are very welcome. Odense is only a short train journey away.

Erasmus Student Network Odense organises excursions, parties and cultural events that put you in touch with fellow students and give you an insight into life in Denmark.

ESN Odense

Sights and activities

As a student at UCL in Vejle, you will live in one of the most beautiful towns in the country. Here there are forested hills, streams and fjords – all within easy reach.

Vejle is centrally located in Denmark. It takes only an hour to get to Aarhus or Odense by bus, car or train. Copenhagen is about two hours away if you choose the train.

Tourist attractions and activities

Vejle is a city rich in culture and history. At VisitVejle you can learn more about sights, shopping and events.


Vejle on TripAdvisor

Learn more about what tourists and locals think about the many restaurants, bars and activities in Vejle.

Vejle on TripAdvisor

Where to live?

If you are enrolled at one of our campuses in Vejle or Jelling, the International Office will try to find you a room through private landlords. For example you could be offered a room belonging to a Danish student, who would like to sub rent her own room/accommodation to you during a study abroad period.

Another option is accommodation through Lillebaelt Hospital, who provides accommodation to short term medical staff. If they have rooms available, you will be offered one of their rooms. These rooms are furnished and provided with bed linen, towels, dishtowels etc. There are kitchen utensils in all rooms.

In case the International Office can’t find a room through its network of private landlords, UCL will let you know well before you travel to Denmark.

Getting around

Vejle is centrally located in Southern Denmark, and you are therefore only a short train journey from Odense, Jelling, Kolding or Århus.

Of course you can use buses to get around locally in Vejle, but UCL recommends international students to get hold of a bike and experience Danish biking culture first hand.

It’s fun and keeps you fit – and you quickly get from place to place.

UCL Campus Vejle

The facilities at UCL Campus Vejle provide the best conditions for studying in real-world surroundings and establishing professional and social relationships across the professions represented here

The facilities include:

  • the best possible settings for studying or just chilling out;
  • a complete hospital ward with beds and robot patients;
  • a canteen;
  • library;
  • educational workshop;
  • student café and ‘Friday’ bar;
  • exercise room.

Naturally, free WiFi is available throughout the whole campus.


UCL Campus Vejle
Vestre Engvej 51 C
7100 Vejle

Welcome Guide - Vejle

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