Clinical Placements

Clinical Placements

As an international student you can apply for a clinical placement in Denmark through UCL to get a number of advantages and broaden your perspective.

From Observer to Independent Practitioner

The aim of a clinical placement is to give students the opportunity to evolve from observer to independent practitioner.

During a clinical placement through UCL, you will gain various skills, such as:

  • speaking with people in difficult situations;
  • carrying out technical procedures;
  • managing your own time;
  • assessing and justifying your actions;
  • cooperation;
  • advising members of the public on health matters.

You also learn how to communicate and collaborate with patients and other health professionals to achieve the best results. In clinical practice, patients are the main centre of interest together with an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation.

Find Your Clinical Placement here

Here are the UCL departments currently offering clinical placements:

Occupational Therapy
Biomedical Laboratory Science

Apply before 1 May 2019

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