Combine Courses for A Full Semester

Combine Courses for A Full Semester

You can do a full 30 ECTS semester in Odense, if you combine 2 compulsory and 1 elective module.

Combine these 2 compulsory courses with 1 of the electives below for a 30 ECTS semester:

Students will have the opportunity to learn about, discuss and work with skills they will need both in their future professional life and as citizens in the 21st century.

Develop your intercultural competences and gain knowledge of cultural meetings in a physical, virtual, global and national context.

Choose 1 of the electives below:

Acquire competences in evaluating, planning and carrying out projects within a subject or cross-curricular subjects relating to teaching, or working with, sustainability.

Acquire competence in acting critically to the media and their influence on society and culture in a global world and gain knowledge of media and multimodal genres.

Faculty of Education and Social Sciences

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