An international and multidisciplinary course on addiction and innovation. Cooperate with Dutch students using virtuel interaction to solve dilemmas in the field of addiction care.

Start date: 26 August 2019
End date: 13 September 2019
Duration: 3 weeks
Apply before: 1 May 2019

Location: Odense

Target Group

The course is a joint course for social work and health care education students both from abroad and from UCL (Danish students from the Departments of Nursing, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Biomedical Laboratory Science).

Please do notice that only exchange students from partner institutions will be accepted.

How to apply

Purpose of the Module

The purpose of the course is that the students:

  • Develop innovative and entrepreneurial competences and skills.
  • Gain competences to become a part of an international and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Are able to solve a dilemma in the field of addiction care using innovative methods.
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General Information

Work Load

5 ECTS. The course consists of 30 hours of planned study activities and about 10 hours of preparation per week. This corresponds to a weekly work load of about 40 hours.

Teaching Methods

All teaching and counselling, both oral and written, is conducted in English. A lot of different teaching methods will be applied such as lectures, presentations, workshops, dialogue, and exchange of experiences, project work and independent studies.

Virtual interaction with Dutch students from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences will be an essential part of the course.


In order to complete the module and obtain a certificate, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • English: Level B2 is required to be accepted to the course.
  • The student has to have completed at least 1 year at a health or a social work programme in the home country prior to coming to UCL.
  • The student has to be enrolled at a higher education institution with which UCL has a bilateral agreement.
  • The student must participate actively in the course during all 3 weeks.

Tuition Fees

Not applicable for EU/EEA-students and exchange students, all other students must pay. In this case, please send an e-mail to to learn more.

Course Description

The course is built up as a process with the students working in an interdisciplinary and international project group with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The students will work on finding a possible solution to a real-life challenge. It is all about getting a new approach to working interdisciplinary in an innovative way with the aim of solving Danish as well as Dutch problems in the areas of addiction.

Week 1: Findings and Understanding

  • Introduction and start up in project groups.
  • Finding information and collecting relevant data within the possible areas of challenge and introducing innovative methods will also be in focus.

Week 2: Idea Generation                                   

  • Generating and developing ideas for the best solutions possible.
  • On-line cooperation with students from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.

Week 3: Prototype Development and Presentation

  • Developing a model or a concept for the identified solution
  • Dissemination, presentation and evaluation
  • On-line cooperation with students from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Expected Learning Outcome


In an interdisciplinary and international context, it is the aim for the student to be able to:

  • Explain challenges for the citizen or patient, related to the society they live in
  • Explain how the health care professions might enter into interdisciplinary contexts
  • Describe creative and innovative working methods
  • Explain challenges for the patient or citizen related to problems with addiction or abuse


It is the aim for the student to be able to:

  • Discuss and distinguish among the different healthcare professions’ competences and fields, both in a national and international context.
  • Prepare innovation projects and disseminate the results within various professions
  • Examine challenges related to patient and/or citizen processes by working creatively and cooperating internationally and profession oriented
  • Examine, disseminate and apply national and international literature and other scientific materials related to the innovation project
  • Use critical thinking in terms of the cooperation, the process and the product
  • Communicate, listen, analyze and interact with others


It is the aim for the student to be able to:

  • Enter into the different healthcare professions and international cooperation respecting own and other healthcare professions’ fields striving for the optimal solutions within the fields of addiction and abuse.
  • Coordinate and manage tasks and cooperation across healthcare professions, sectors, projects and organizational contexts
  • Develop and facilitate networks in an international- and across professional context
  • Develop creative solutions to real-life challenges in practice, presupposing and challenging cooperation across professions

The student must participate actively during the course. Every project group must hand in assignments, too.

The course will be assessed by the lecturer, either as passed/not passed. If the course is not passed, the student can hand in another assignment proving to have met the expected learning outcome.

Windesheim InnoAddiction

A joint course between UCL, Health Educations and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences Zwolle (NL).

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Two Courses a Year

The 3 week course will run every spring and autumn during the weeks 6-8 and 35-37 respectively.


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