Intercultural Meetings in a Global Perspective

Intercultural Meetings in a Global Perspective

Develop your intercultural competences and gain knowledge of cultural meetings in a physical, virtual, global and national context.

Start date: 19 August 2019
End date: 20 December 2019
Apply before: 1 May 2019

Location: Odense
ECTS: 10

Please note:

Combine courses for a full semester

Target Group

Danish or Exchange students from various faculties or programs of study who have been permitted to study at a university or a University College, Teacher Education students in particular.

The course is particularly suitable for students in the faculties of education, social sciences and humanities.

In order to participate, students must speak English at an advanced level (preferably C level and above in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)).

How to apply

Purpose of the module

The purpose of the module is

  • to achieve knowledge of cultural  meetings  in a physical, virtual, global and national  context
  • to achieve knowledge of the connection between national and global relations
  • to develop intercultural competences
  • to achieve knowledge of theories about culture and intercultural relations
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General Information

Work Load

10 ECTS. The module consists of 10 course days.

Course days and times will be stipulated in a timetable, which will be available for students at or before semester start.

Teaching Methods

All teaching and counselling is in oral and written English.

You will experience different teaching methods such as lectures, presentations, dialogue, interviewing, creating videos, debate, group work, independent studies, portfolio work and a project work at the end of the module.

Throughout the module, the teacher is available as a counsellor to facilitate understanding of the content and completing the assignments.


In order to complete the module and obtain a certificate, you have to:

  • Work with different tasks during the course.
  • Pass an oral exam based on a written synopsis about a relevant self-chosen topic within the frame of the module.
Course Description

The content is:

  • Intercultural competences through theory and practical examples
  • The relation between politics, religion and trade
  • Citizenship
  • Globalisation from different perspectives
  • The impact of global organisations
  • Similarities and differences between people
  • Stereotypes and prejudices
  • Conflicts and conflict solving at a local and global le
  • Migration
  • Human rights

The exam will be an oral exam based on a written synopsis about a relevant self-chosen topic within the frame of the module.

The examination is an oral presentation of a written synopsis based on at least 3 of the module topics and dealing with a problem statement. The product must describe a practical and a theoretical elements relevant within your profession

You can write your module product and be examined individually or in a group as you choose.

Students will be awarded a grade from The Danish 7-point grading scale.

Faculty of Education and Social Sciences

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