Study and Live in Denmark

Study and Live in Denmark

All you need to know when you plan to study in Denmark. Visit for information about everything from visas and permits to the style of teaching.

For everything relating to living, studying and working in Denmark, UCL recommend that you visit the website

The website is run by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and contains updated information about everything you need to know about coming to Denmark and living here as an international student.

At the website you can learn more about:

If you want to watch videos about living and studying in Denmark, UCL recommend you to visit the YouTube channel run by Study in Denmark. It offers a range of videos featuring international students telling about their life in Denmark.

Study in Denmark – YouTube channel

Discover UCL campuses

UCL has 4 campuses in Jutland and Funen, situated in Odense, Vejle, Svendborg and Jelling. Learn more about housing, social activities, transportation and campuses specific to each study city.



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