Health Sciences Research Centre

Health Sciences Research Centre

The knowledge centre contributes to and provides knowledge for the development and improvement of the Health Service and to the services offered by the welfare society.

The Aim of the Centre

Health Sciences Research Centre creates and disseminates knowledge based on the research programme, ‘Working in close cooperation with end users in the Health Service of the future’, within the subject field, ‘Health, the body, culture and society in a multidisciplinary and interprofessional perspective’.

The research programme has been set up to contribute to the development and improvement of the Health Service and to the services offered by the welfare society.

It also aims to meet a need for knowledge; future health-related degree courses must be able to draw on the research-based knowledge and skills required to provide health services under constantly changing conditions.

Five Sub-Programmes Doing Research

The programme comprises five sub-programmes, embracing research and development projects related to the subject matters covered in all the health-related degree courses.

In an effort to ensure that the needs of end users are met by coordinated responses across the boundaries of sectors and professions, the opportunities opened up by health technologies are included in all sub-programmes and projects.

Similarly, the programmes are based on ideas calling for prevention and health promotion measures that are truly aimed at end users, and that involve health professionals working in close collaboration with them.

In this context, relatives and the social networks of end users play important roles, because they possess their own competencies in relation to the health requirements of the people in question.

Partnership Agreements for External Research Collaboration

The research programme aims to set up partnership agreements as a starting point for external research collaboration on the development of knowledge, in cooperation with regions, municipalities, companies and voluntary organisations, both nationally and internationally.

National and International Cooperative Partners

Health Sciences Research Centre enjoys extensive cooperation with national and international partners: universities, public and private organisations.

Health Sciences Research Centre offers scheduled programmes for all staff in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Students in this Faculty are able to participate in the department’s research and development projects.


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