Biomedical Laboratory Science

Clinical Placements

Clinical placements are an important part of the Biomedical Laboratory Science programme. Contact UCL to learn more about your clinical placement options as an exchange student.

On a clinical placement, you try out your theoretical knowledge and skills in real practice situations, coming close to patients and the reality they face with an illness or unknown diagnosis.

You also learn to work in an interdisciplinary context with other staff and professional workers in order to create the best solutions for the people you are dealing with.

Moreover, your collaboration with biomedical laboratory scientists in practice will help you develop a professional attitude and the appropriate behaviour.

Supervision During Clinical Placements

During your clinical placement, you will be closely followed by a clinical supervisor or another biomedical laboratory scientist. Gradually, you will learn to work more and more independently.

Contact UCL to learn more about your options

Do you want to learn more about your clinical placement options as an exchange student in the Biomedical Laboratory Science Department at UCL? Contact UCL’s international coordinators and get up to date on your options.

Apply before 1 May 2019

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