Clinical Placements

At a practice placement organised by UCL you will meet people who require nursing care for a wide variety of reasons. UCL provides you with the necessary support.

Clinical placements organised by UCL take place:

  • at public hospitals;
  • within the social and health services, for example, in home care;
  • in the psychiatric services;
  • in the health visitor services.

In practice placements, theory becomes practice; by studying patients undergoing treatment and nursing in practice you develop the skills needed to work as a nurse yourself.

You learn all the actual skills of the trade, such as:

  • speaking with people in difficult situations;
  • carrying out technical procedures;
  • managing your own time;
  • assessing and justifying your actions;
  • cooperation;
  • advising members of the public on health matters.

You also learn to work across professions with other staff and professional workers in order to provide the best nursing solutions for patients and people in general.

Contact UCL to Learn More about Your Opportunities

If you have questions about what is open to you in terms of practice placements, please contact the international coordinators in the Department of Nursing for further information.

Contact Nursing Odense
Contact Nursing Vejle and Svendborg
Apply before 1 May 2019

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