Occupational Therapy


The Occupational Therapy degree course in Odense takes 3½ years. New courses start in September and February. Please note that teaching is mainly in Danish.

If you think creatively and are interested in health matters and helping other people, then the Occupational Therapy degree course is just right for you.

As an occupational therapist you come very close to the people you work with, whether they are children, adults with congenital disabilities or adults who have been in an accident.

The degree course provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge within the health sciences. You will also be equipped to analyse and meet the needs of many different people.

In addition, you learn how to search for solutions that can facilitate everyday life for people with disabilities or who are ill, offering them training and various activities, technical aids and physical alterations to their home or place of work.

The course provides a foundation that will help you become a vital sparring partner for people whose daily lives are full of obstacles.

Subjects Covered by The Degree Course in Occupational Therapy

The subjects covered in the degree course are in the following fields of study:

  • health sciences
  • natural sciences
  • the humanities
  • social sciences

Contact UCL if You Have Any Queries

Please contact UCL’s international coordinators for further information regarding the course or the options open to you as an exchange student.


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