Clinical Placements

Clinical placements are an integral part of our physiotherapy programme. This is where you learn to exercise your theoretical knowledge and skills on real patients and other people.

The Department of Physiotherapy at UCL offers clinical placements within the Region of Southern Denmark. As an incoming student you will be placed in clinical practice together with a group of Danish students.

Clinical teachers with a postgraduate qualification in the specialised training involved in clinical teaching will organise and supervise the clinical course.

Clinical teaching is organised in a way that represents the core subject areas in the field of Physiotherapy. The focus is on how to integrate theoretical knowledge and the practical skills that you acquire through training in a specific clinical context.

You also learn how to communicate and collaborate with patients and other health professionals to achieve the best results. In clinical practice, patients are the main centre of interest together with an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation.

Let UCL Help You

UCL will be happy to help you find a clinical placement and guide you along the way. Get in touch with the international coordinators and let them help you find the right placement for you.

Apply before 1 May 2019

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