The Physiotherapy degree course in Odense takes 3½ years. New courses start in September and February. Please note that all teaching is in Danish.

As a physiotherapist you will find that patients quite literally place their bodies in your hands – both physically and mentally.

Due to the physical contact involved you come very close to your patient – mentally, as well, when considering how body and psyche interact in the individual patient.

The Body Is Where Physiotherapists Feel at Home

On the physiotherapy degree programme, you will learn to understand the potentialities and limitations of the body. And you will learn how to interpret the body’s signals, based on an understanding of the interplay between body and mind.

You will acquire the knowledge and skills to work with the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with various kinds of injury, illness and disability. In addition, you will learn how to promote health and take preventive measures.

Degree Course in Physiotherapy – A Special Approach to Studies

The degree course in Physiotherapy challenges both body and mind in a dynamic study environment, shifting between theory and practice within the physiotherapist’s sphere of work.

The subjects covered in the degree course are in the following fields of study:

  • health sciences
  • natural sciences
  • the humanities
  • social sciences

Contact UCL if You Have Any Queries

Contact UCL’s international coordinators to learn more about the opportunities that the complete degree course in Physiotherapy offers you as an exchange student.


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