Public Administration

Practice Placements

The Department of Public Administration at UCL is ready to explain what opportunities an international practice placement can offer you.

Practice placements are generally related to staff functions in a variety of administrative settings and may, for example, involve tasks connected with:

  • health
  • welfare
  • finances
  • employment
  • town planning
  • human resources (HR).

Practice placements are also possible at SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, or in connection with Education and Careers Guidance.

Where could I get a practice placement?

Most practice placements take place in local authorities, but there are places available in regional administrations, voluntary organisations, private companies and state institutions.

Examples of practice placements in local authorities:

  • Wages and HR departments
  • Finance and resource departments
  • Children and youth affairs departments
  • Health departments

Contact UCL for more information

Do you want to learn more about your practice placement options as an exchange student in the Public Administration Department at UCL? Contact the international coordinators and get up to date on your opportunities.


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