Public Administration


The Public Administration degree course in Odense takes 3½ years. New courses start in September and February. Please note that teaching is mainly in Danish.

If you are wild about politics and social affairs and dream about a job in a politically managed organisation, then the Public Administration degree course is just what you are looking for.

The course is geared to thinking about new solutions, streamlining and quality assurance. These skills will be much needed in your future workplace, whether in a ministry, a municipality, a region, the EU, or a private enterprise.

The degree course gives you a solid professional grounding in communication, project management, law and economics. The course is also very realistic: there are practice placements, as well as the opportunity to try out your theoretical knowledge in various projects run in collaboration with people in the field.

Design your own study profile

The Public Administration course gives you a good opportunity to design your own education profile and highlight the career path you wish to follow.

You specialise for a whole year, during which you can choose from optional modules within six different areas of employment.

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