The Radiography degree course in Odense takes 3½ years. New courses start in September and February. Please note that teaching is mainly in Danish.

As a radiographer you have to link people and technology, mastering advanced equipment while making patients feel safe and secure.

On the course you will learn how to handle the technology that provides information about the inner parts of the body. You learn how to perform x-ray examinations and scans, and to operate the many different devices used by radiographers in their work.

You develop an eagle eye for crucial details that indicate signs of disease and possible treatment. And you will be ready to play an important role in a healthcare team.

Your insight into the body’s interior states helps provide the necessary knowledge doctors need in order to make a diagnosis and choose the right course of treatment.

The Radiography Degree Course Covers A Broad Range of Academic Dubjects

The radiography programme ranges from technical and science subjects to the humanities and care-related subjects.

You will also receive instruction in the various investigation technologies used by radiographers in their work.

Any Queries About Your Options?

If you have any questions about the opportunities open to you in Radiography as an exchange student at UCL, please contact the department’s international coordinators.

You can read more about your options in terms of internship under clinical placement.


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