Social Education

Practice Placements

Practice placements are an important part of the Social Education course and are integrated into the whole of the curriculum. International students are able to get a practice placement through UCL.

The aims of a practice placement are: to give you the opportunity to participate in various kinds of social education work; to learn how to carry out social educational tasks; and to tackle problem situations in a professional manner, alone and in cooperation with the staff of the practice placement institution.

‘Competence goals’ have been laid down for practice placements, describing what the outcomes of a practice placement period are meant to be. A test is held after each practice placement period, to ensure that the outcomes are profitable and relevant to you.

Social Education students typically do practice placements in the following places:

  • kindergartens
  • day nurseries
  • schools
  • after-school clubs (SFO)
  • residential care homes
  • 24-hour care centres
  • group homes
  • day centres

Any Queries?

If you have any questions about the opportunities open to you as an international student, please contact the International Coordinators of the degree course directly.

Contact Odense and Svendborg
Contact Jelling

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