Social Education


The complete degree course takes 3½ years and is offered in Odense, Svendborg and Jelling. The course allows you to immerse yourself in one of several specialisations. Please note that all teaching is in Danish.

The Social Education degree programme is all about becoming an expert in relationships. During the course you will become fully equipped to work professionally with socialisation, personal development and caring for others.

On the complete degree course at UCL you will learn how to develop and foster the potentialities of individuals in a wide range of life situations; you will learn how to do this in interaction with the people you will be working with as a social educator.

During the course you will further develop the life experience, inventiveness and creativity that you possessed when you attended the first day of the course.

The Course Offers Loads of Practical Experience

All students at UCL’s degree course in Social Education are ensured practice placements during the course. The programme offers a total of 14 months of practice placements spread over 4 separate periods throughout the course.

International students at UCL are offered the opportunity of practice placements.

Contact UCL if You Have Any Queries

If you have any questions about the opportunities open to you as an international student at UCL, please contact The International Office or The International Coordinator of the degree course directly.

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Contact Jelling

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