Social Work

Practice Placements

The degree course in Social Work is ready to help international students find a practice placement in a setting with links to UCL. The international aspect is an important part of the degree course.

Doing a practice placement in Denmark offers a number of advantages. You can:

  • see how you can adapt to a different culture;
  • face new professional challenges and solutions;
  • get a broader understanding of Social Work;
  • expand your career opportunities.

In order to apply for a practice placement through UCL, you must have:

  • taken and passed all the required tests, examinations, term papers, etc.;
  • a language proficiency level sufficient to do the practice placement;
  • received guidance concerning your exchange visit from UCL’s international coordinators.

The practice placement institution must meet the following requirements:

  • its activities must be relevant to the practice of social work;
  • students must be in direct contact with end users;
  • there must be someone at the practice placement institution who can be a contact person for the student and the degree course in Social Work – a social worker, if possible, or else a social educator, psychologist, or the like;
  • the practice placement institution must be approved by UCL’s international coordinator.

Any Queries?

If you have any questions about the opportunities open to you as an international student, please contact the department’s international coordinators.

Apply before 1 May 2019

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