Social Work


The Social Work degree course takes 3½ years, and is offered in Odense and Vejle. New courses start in September and February. Please note that teaching is mainly in Danish.

If you are deeply involved in social matters and want to create social change through preventive measures, casework, counselling and the identification and planning of social interventions, then training to be a social worker would seem to be an obvious choice for you.

Social Workers Investigate, Plan and Act

Helping people with problems calls for the wider view, a systematic approach, planning and action.

For this reason, the degree course in Social Work is designed to enable you to do social work at the individual, group, organisational and societal levels.

International Opportunities

The international aspect is important for the degree course in Social Work at UCL. Students are going to work with people from all over the world, and this fact affects the course.

A practice placement is an excellent opportunity for international students at UCL.

Contact UCL if You Have Any Queries

If you have any questions about the complete Social Work degree course, please contact our international coordinators.


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