Teacher Education


On the Teacher Education degree course students generally specialise in three of the subjects taught in schools. Teacher training takes four years and is offered in Odense and Jelling. Please note that all teaching is in Danish.

Teaching children and young people is a creative and challenging job offering a lot of personal satisfaction. It is also a job where you get the opportunity to bring all your professional and personal skills into play.

A great responsibility awaits you as a teacher. In teacher education, therefore, the course of study alternates between theory and practice. This ensures that you develop your ability to teach, as well as acquiring a solid foundation of professional knowledge in the theory and practice of education.

With this solid foundation you are well equipped to go out and make an impact both on, and in cooperation with, children, young people, parents and future colleagues.

Loads of Practical Experience

All students on the teacher education degree course at UCL are ensured practice placements in connection with their studies.

Practice placements offer exchange students at UCL the opportunity to try their hand at the teaching profession. Read more about the practice placement opportunities offered to international students through UCL’s many cooperative partners.

Contact UCL if You Have Any Queries

If you want to learn more about the opportunities UCL offers exchange students, please contact the International Office, or get in touch with our international coordinators directly.

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